“Lief does it again....every twist and turn brings you closer to the brink of madness and the real story behind the murders of the MacLeary’s and Mac’s “death”. An awesome read, but I expect nothing less of Lief.”
—Terri Ann Armstrong, Suspense Magazin

Three years after a harrowing escape from the serial killer who took the lives of her husband and daughter, Karin Schaeffer is married to her former partner Mac MacLeary and they are living in Brooklyn with their young son Ben. Karin is finally pursuing a college degree, studying forensic psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. Mac, now a retired detective, has just been made a senior executive at Quest Security and an announcement has appeared in the newspaper...triggering a series of events that catapults their lives into perilous territory.

When Mac's beloved parents are murdered in what appears to be a botched home invasion, he sinks into despair and soon disappears. Two weeks later a car he rented turns up in the Long Island Sound with his shoe wedged beneath a seat. But Karen cannot accept his presumed suicide without a body. She is plagued by the wishful thinking of a reluctant second-time widow. And then, suddenly, her world is upended once again when she believes she sees Mac at an airport. She hires a private detective to confirm or refute her sighting, and the information he turns up leads her to journey into the heart of darkness to rescue Mac.

Along the way, nothing is quite as it has seemed:

Her husband has a dark past she had never imagined, including a revelation that shocks everyone.

Enemies become heroes.

Friends reveal secret identities.

And Karin, as always impulsive to a fault, learns that even she has limits.

In a story that travels from a comfortable family life in Brooklyn to the glossy artifice of South Beach Miami to the lawlessness of drug-embattled Mexico to the gray isolation of Cape Cod in winter, Karin Schaeffer must first identify the enemy and then face him down in order to save her family.

Book 2 in the Karin Schaeffer series

Book 2 in the Karin Schaeffer series

Fans will relish this powerful angst laden police procedural as the twists keep on coming...keeping the courageous heroine and stunned readers off balance.”
—Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette
“Another fantastic and bone-chilling thriller! This novel is a continuation of the previous book, You Are Next, with the same thrilling excitement throughout the story. This one has a real twist and many layers surprising the reader. It is definitely another book utterly impossible to put down. Katia Lief is an extremely talented writer and has a real gift for projecting panic and fear within the reader. Don’t miss this one—you will be sorry!”
—Kay Quintin, Fresh Fiction
“Katia Lief takes her readers on a whirlwind ride, overflowing with mystery layered upon mystery, ending in an unusual but gratifying finale. Readers will want to read more of this talented writer’s work.”
—Micki Peluso, New York Journal of Books

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