“Very fast, very slick, and very creepy.”
—London Evening Standard

A growing obsession.

Darcy Mayhew, a recently widowed young mother, relocates to New York City to pursue her career as an investigative journalist for the New York Times. On her first day on the job, she meets Joe Coffin, an ordinary young man who hails from her hometown of Martha's Vineyard, and agrees to accompany him to lunch. But one lunch with Joe quickly turns into a series of unwanted gifts, midnight phone calls, and even several break-ins.

An escalating threat.

Joe's fixation begins to threaten Darcy's job, her friendships, and even her family. She goes to the police, only to realize how powerless she is in the face of a stalker who hasn't officially done anything worthy of a night in jail. So when Joe attacks someone very close to Darcy, it's up to her alone to bring down the worst threat she has ever had to face.

If he can't have her, no one will.

Names of the Dead cover (Katia Lief).jpg
“Watch You Die is without doubt a thriller but it’s a good one in that it successfully avoids some of the clichés expected from this genre and builds tension without resorting to unbelievable plot devices.”
—Sue Wilsea, Book Noir
“In this new title by Katia, it is perhaps her best to date with some wonderful subterfuge, some great writerly sleight of hand and when blended with solid prose as well as great story arc really keeps you glued until the last page it is turned. Add to this some wonderfully realistic characters that the reader wants to spend time around which when blended with some great dialogue really adds up to one solid crime title that will haunt your mind for some time to come. Great stuff.”
—Falcatta Times

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