“Mesmerizing...Your heart will be pounding long after you’ve turned the final page.”
—Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author

At the end of a family vacation on Cape Cod, Emily Parker makes a last minute trip to the grocery store...and doesn't return. As the hours pass, her mother and husband, Will, grow increasingly worried. By the next morning, panic has set in. Missing signs are posted around the community. Will drives to the local police station to report Emily missing.

The investigation is helped along by veteran FBI profiler John Geary, who happens to overhear details of the case and is struck by similarities with a cold case he is researching for a book he hopes to write. Geary suspects that a serial killer has surfaced to reenact a seven-year ritual and fears that, if he's right, before the fifth day is over one of the Parker children will be abducted as well...and the week will end in tragedy. He puts his research project aside and leaves retirement to work with the police in finding Emily before it's too late.

Over the course of five grueling days, clues are sought and leads are followed as the minutes progress ominously toward the killer's deadline. Trusted friends begin to look like monsters while the true evil is nearby yet goes unnoticed until it is almost too late.

“Debut author Katia Lief is off to a wonderful beginning with Five Days in Summer. Fans of Mary Higgins Clark and Lisa Gardner will definitely want to pick this one up, as the suspense and thrills permeate each page. The pacing varies from scene to scene, which gives you the illusion of being able to relax and catch your breath. But don’t let down your guard! For a taut, edge-of-the seat mystery, look no further than Five Days in Summer.”
—Curled Up With a Good Book
USA Today Bestseller

USA Today Bestseller

—The Boston Globe
“Suspense at a high level.”
—Midwest Book Review
“Taut, clean storytelling.”
—Publishers Weekly
A new force to reckon with in...suspense.”
—Donna Anders

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