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The Money Kill The Money Kill
Book 4 in the Karin Schaeffer series
Now Available

A family vacation ends in an overseas manhunt for their children after Karin's and Mac's case investigating a Manhattan billionaire's infidelity collides with a murder investigation.

Vanishing Girls Vanishing Girls
Book 3 in the Karin Schaeffer series

Girls are vanishing off the streets of New York City, and young women are being murdered. When the violence descends on Karin Schaeffer and Mac MacLeary's comfortable Brooklyn neighborhood, and their best friend becomes the lead investigator, they are drawn into the bewildering series of crimes...

Next Time You See Me Next Time You See Me
Book 2 in the Karin Schaeffer series

Just when their new life together has settled in, Mac vanishes, unearthing secrets and dangers that force Karin into a face-off with a deadly Mexican queenpin whose son has an agenda of his own.

You Are Next You Are Next
Book 1 in the Karin Schaeffer series

Former detective Karin Schaeffer lost her husband and child to a serial killer, and now fights to overcome despair and save her remaining loved ones as the clock ticks on all their lives.


Also available in paperback and ebook

Names of the Dead Names of the Dead
Now Available

Award-winning journalist Darcy Mayhew thinks she has faced her worst nightmare when her beloved husband dies in a car accident. But after moving to New York City with her teenage son to begin their lives anew, she discovers she has a stalker. Not only is the worst yet to come, but her husband's death may not have been an accident after all.

Waterbury Waterbury

A family gathers for the holidays in rural Connecticut, bringing with them confessions, accusations, demands. But suddenly personal agendas become meaningless as the priority shifts to survival. Two burglars break in, believing the house to be empty. In their panic they take the family hostage—and the crime that follows spirals out of control.

Here She Lies Here She Lies

Annie Milliken is a happily married mother when her life tailspins out of control. After discovering evidence of her husband's infidelity, she seeks refuge with her identical twin sister...but her losses continue to mount, and she learns that safety, for her, may be an illusion.

One Cold Night One Cold Night

Detective Dave Strauss is haunted by the one case he couldn't solve: a schoolgirl vanished off the streets of Brooklyn, never to be seen again. Now the cold dark night has engulfed another young girl...but this time she is part of Dave's family.

Seven Minutes to Noon Seven Minutes to Noon

Alice Halpern and her growing family live in Brownstone Brooklyn, where city life assumes the tenor of a small town community. But then her best friend Lauren vanishes, prompting a police investigation and a growing sense of menace as Alice realizes that she herself may be in danger.

Five Days In Summer Five Days In Summer

Before the long drive home from Cape Cod, Emily Parker makes a quick run to the grocery store...and disappears. As family and police scour the Cape for her, Emily's thoughts are not on her own safety. Kept helpless in a madman's lair, she watches him prepare a five-day countdown that will bring him to his real victim—her seven-year-old son.

The Rise and Fall of Rocky Love The Rise and Fall of Rocky Love

When aspiring cartoonist Cat Gold goes to work as a celebrity assistant for Rocky Love, a has-been radio and television star, the lives of two strong women collide. Cat learns how to be ruthless from the best of them, as scandalous revelations accelerate Rocky's downfall.

Love, Sex & the Wrong Bride Love, Sex & the Wrong Bride

Dawn, a book editor, still loves her former fiancé Hank, a lawyer. But now Hank is engaged to vampy Christine. Meanwhile Dawn's best friend Katherine's love life might be even more complicated than her own. When transvestite "Misled Mike Mauvais" enters all their lives, friends and lovers are drawn into an intricate web of romantic and professional upheaval—with hilarious results.

Soul Catcher Soul Catcher
(a young adult novel)

Kate Steiner is an innocent fifteen-year-old when her parents suddenly pack her off to boarding school. She meets Gwen, her quirky roommate and new best friend, and Patrick, an attractive but troubled boy who becomes her first love. Somehow, Kate must make sense of her parents' failing marriage at the same time that she is initiated into a world of kids who fell through the cracks.

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