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Accidental New York
(blog post, Spring 2016)

Love Your Characters Before You Kill Them
(blog post, 4/27/16)

When You Can't Put Down a Terrifying Book
(The Boston Globe, 9/5/13)

My Book, the Movie
(blog post, 4/12/13)

Writers Read: Katia Lief
(blog post, 4/6/13)

Big Thrill
(feature interview, 4/1/13)

International Thriller Writers Roundtable
(discussing revision, week of 4/1/13)

Hartford Books Examiner, Between the Lines
(Q&A, 3/29/13)

Barnes & Noble Mystery Bookclub
(featured author, week of 3/25/13)

The Facts & Fiction of Vanishing Girls: Q&A with the Hartford Books Examiner

Wwword: Profile
(interview, 1/28/12)

Criminal Minds: a virtual panel
(Katia blogs on "What's the Guiltiest Pleasure on Your Bookshelf?", 5/12/11)

Criminal Element: The Mechanics of Suspense
(monthly blog column, 5/5/11)

Sea Minor: Dancing With Myself
(blog interview, 1/17/11)

The Brooklyn Eagle
(interview, 12/10/10)

Featured contributor to the blog My Book, The Movie

WHCR FM/NYC & KDEE FM/California
(The Adams Report, 11/29/10)

WFIN/Ohio Interview with Chris Oaks

Featured contributor to the blog The Page 69 Test

Featured contributor to the blog Writers Read
(Katia reviews the Stieg Larsson trilogy, 11/5/10)

Suspense Magazine

(interview, 10/21/10)

Killer Quiche
(Katia shares her recipe on Authors & Appetizers, 10/4/10)

Suspense Magazine (PDF)
(interview, 9/10)
"We don't often have the opportunity to see the excitement on the faces of publicists as they present new found treasures. Hearing about Katia's writing style, talent and personality first hand had us sold before the second drink was ordered and after reading her work, we're sure our fans will be sold too." (partial cover to right)

The Big Thrill webzine
(interview by Sandra Parshall, 8/22/10)

(short story in Ellery Queen Magazine, 1/10)
EQMM debut short about a workplace relationship that sours during an office holiday party... [more]

Peppar Podcast
(blog interview, 2007)
Being a crime writer is serious business. Too serious, sometimes. I thought it was time to lighten up a little and so I accepted an invitation to be interviewed by the notorious, hilarious, possibly insane "Dr. Rajiv Peppar." (At least that's what he calls himself.) If you're ready for a good laugh, read [more].

In Memory of a Friend
(Mystery Scene Magazine, 2007)

What's in a Name?
(Divatribe, 2005)
My name is Katia. Her name is Kate. We live at the same address, share the same family, and write the same books. On the scale of professional accomplishment, one being failure and ten being success, I hover comfortably around two. Kate is restless closer to six and has her eye on nine, minimum. [more]

If The Shoe Fits
(Modern Mom, 2005)
"If I don't sell this novel, I'll open a shoe store." That's what I told my husband, and I meant it. Shoes were easy and fun—I quested for them on an intuitive level only a shoe lover would understand—whereas my career as a novelist, another passion, had been a struggle. [more]

First Pages
(, 2005)
Context, character and conflict—I call them "the three c's." They are the essential fictional elements a writer should braid together on the first page of a story or novel in the quest for a sparkling beginning. If you save all the good stuff for page fifty, but you haven't held your readers' attention, no one will ever find out what a great writer you are because they will have already put your work aside. [more]

She's Come Undone
(Working Mother, 5/03)

How to Wash a Gas Mask
(Salon, 12/01)
Our gas masks arrived last week in a large box, from Zurich, with a packing slip marked both "urgent" and "economy." It was a contradiction much like the state of affairs here at home: the urgency of imagining, and preparing for, the worst; the economy of resuming our daily lives. [more]